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A ham radio communication ( Pat Daniels K7LNP ) user caught what appears to be a UFO noise near Nephi, Utah while watching airline communications between moneymaking airliners and the body process tower. However, UFO researchers were competent to get a copy of the transmission from the Federal Aviation governing body (FAA) in upshot to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Milt Jensen, N5IA, during the 2008 Ducie earth VP6DX DXpedition. Well-known DXer and DXpeditioner seed Jensen, N5IA, of Virden, New Mexico, died on gregorian calendar month 10 later dropping from an Amateur communication system tower.

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Cases of Alien voices heard on rado and television - Colin Andrews

I commonly have got a preferably prejudiced looking of UFO “contactee” claims, heedless of the country in which the claim is made, but there’s something close to the floor told by Prof. Cid meant a “ham radio” frequency or something else – is really interesting. Whether or not Paredes is rattling in contact with “beings from Jupiter” is debatable, but the fact that they endeavor to create representative direct his communication system sign – it is unclear if Prof. In the belated 1970s, Puerto Rican UFO researcher city Rimax contend a transcription of an alleged extraterrestrial being transmission on his Otros Mundos broadcast, which aired all Sunday forenoon in the municipality of San Juan.

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An newsworthy tale I guess, though it appears that the "Ham Radio Enthusiast" that according this made it in to a biggest level than it actually was based on the existent recording. in that location was no credit of whether the beaming orange squarish was flying or on the ground. Nor was there any note of the object animate thing a international nautical mile wide as claimed.

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Radio ham hears American Airlines UFO report | QRZ Now – Amateur Radio News

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