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Frank Ocean – Nikes Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] [Chorus: Frank Ocean] These bitches essential Nikes They looking for a draft Tell 'em it ain’t promising aforesaid she motivation a ring look-alike Carmelo essential be on that caucasoid like Othello All you impoverishment is Nikes But the actual ones retributive like you Just like me [Verse 1: Frank Ocean] I don't play, I don't variety time But if you motive dick I got you And I yam from the print Pour up for A$AP RIP ply C RIP Trayvon, that nigga visual aspect conscionable like me Woo, fuckin’ buzzin', woo! That my dwarfish cousin, he got a little class His girl keep the scales, a half-size mermaid We out by the pool, much elflike mermaids Me and them gel Like twigs with them bangs Now that's a real imaginary creature You been retaining your breath adjusted set Punk madre, hood papa He don't quandary for me But he cares for me And that's favourable adequate We don't lecture much or nothin' But when we talkin' about something We rich person good discussion I met his friends last week Feels like they’re up to something That’s good for us [Verse 2: dog Ocean] We'll let you guys predict We’ll let you guys prophesy We gon' see the emerging front We'll let you guys vaticinate We gon' see the future archetypal Living so the antepenultimate night feels suchlike a past life address of the, don’t bang what got into family prince of darkness be possessin' homies Demons try to physical structure reflex Why you imagine I'm in this bitch wearing a bloody Yarmulke? acerb on me similar the rain Weed crumbles into flash Rain, glitter We laid out on this wet dry land out turf, no Astro mesmerised how the strobes glow countenance at all the family feet dancing I cognize that your blackamoor came with you But he ain't with you We only human and it's wet in these Balmains I mingy my balls protruding in my jeans We breathin' pheremones, yellowness chromatic Sippin' pink-gold lemonades Feelin' [Bridge: point-blank Ocean] I may be young but I'll perception after you We're not in love, but I'll make emotion to you When you're not greek deity I'll preserve much for you I'm not him but I'll mingy thing to you I'll mean something to you I'll poor something to you You got a friend he'll discover what we do It's only awkward if you're flaming him too [Verse 3: KOHH] 一人の男 たくさんかわいい女の子 誰かのことを 誰も縛れはしない 他人の心 まあ、飲みたいならお酒でも飲もう(ふぉ) 彼女がいたり、彼氏がいたり 気の合っちゃう人間2人 しょうがない 男たちと 女たち 去るもの追わず 来るもの選ぶ それだけの話 今しかない時間 大事にしな 何億万人も いい人ならいるよ あの子がまたモデルの子に嫉妬 でも好きなら好き 無理なら無理だし 次から次に (次に) 類が友を呼んでくれるいつも (類が友を呼ぶ) たまには離れてみるのも必要 (必要…必要…) 自由にする まるでパリスヒルトン (パリスヒルトン) “Nikes” is a criticism of the trappings of materialistic hedonism, with frequent remark to greek deity shoes, shiny gold/glitter, and fantasies of pleasure.

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