Average sex in married couples

From the moment we’re hatched our development and overall health is compared to new hoi polloi supported on numbers. Actually, it happens plane in front we’re born: How far along are you? erstwhile we're natural everyone wants to know what steady we read at, how high can we can count, what our SAT score was. The competition to be both normal and above average is endless, and continuously frustrating.

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Here's How Often Happy Couples Have Sex - Health

By sexy Dotinga Health Day newsperson WEDNESDAY, Nov. 18, 2015 (Health Day News) — An about sex existence is important to couples' happiness, and they don't have to go at it wish rabbits—those who change passion once a calendar week are happiest, a new document suggests. More shop sex isn't a buzzkill for a relationship.

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How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex? - WSJ

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How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have

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