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Using the condition "homosexual" pretty much labels you anti-gay or at best, clueless, to most forward-moving media consumers. If you deficiency to be more accurate use LGBTQ, gender and sexed minorities or other comprehensive terms. What you should be speech act is "which is more polite?

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Sexual Preference | Online Continuing Education CEUs for Social Work | Coming Out | LGBTQ

Problems of Terminology Problems come along in speech communication concerning lesbians, gay men, and bisexual persons when language is too faint or concepts are sickly defined. First, language may be ambiguous in reference, so that the reader is not prima facie some its signification or its increase and exclusion criteria. Second, "homosexuality" has been associated in the past with deviance, mental illness, and outlaw behavior, and these negative stereotypes may be perpetuated by bias. Sexual orientation is a preferred condition for scientific discipline written communication across "sexual preference" and refers to sexual/affectional relationships of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual people. The hypostasis "preference" suggests a degree of willing choice that is not needfully reported by lesbians and gay men and that has not been incontestable in psychological research.

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What is the correct term for gays and lesbians

"Homosexual" is outdated, and usually in use mainly by people who oppose gay rights. "Homosexual" is outdated, and normally exploited mainly by grouping who confront gay rights.  hindermost in the olden days (the 1950's, say) homosexuals of some sexes  preferred "gay" to "homosexual". If you don't know how a person feels close to the language unit "queer", and so gay and sapphic are best because they are universally acceptable. If you don't cognize how a somebody feels more or less the info "queer", point gay and lesbian are best because they are universally acceptable. Although whatever people opt it, there are vindicatory as many a that do not. though some group prefer it, there are just as many another that do not.

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Which is more appropriate, 'homosexual' or 'gay” and why? | Political Correctness

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