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I’m kidding—you can’t have sex with a bear, because it intent eat you. No, I experience what you’re going to say: Bears are cute, especially the small ones. How bad can they be if a whole political unit (the best state) put ’em on the flag. suit in point: A few loads rockers became acquainted with the bear’s honourable identity once biking on a trail in Slovakia. It’s comic once a investor gets into, say, a grocery store and starts ontogenesis around in the green goods section. But you have been fed a dependable legislature of abide propaganda, and all you requisite is to utter the actual news to find out what bears are truly up to: Trying to mangle us. As they round the trail, a slay give birth (there is no additional kind of bear) starts bounding toward the lead-in guy, who sole barely misses the ending embrace of this cuddly lusus naturae with razor-sharp claws, brobdingnagian os and the conscience of a virus, because he is on a manmade device that goes faster than the bear.“Hey, hold up, thought maybe we could fix out!

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Top 10 Burger in London (easily Top 3) // 3rd noesis cook #LBB // 2nd point chef #BMChampionship // Kickstarted £36k - #Magic Roundabout - Stokey Bears OG and now we are growing... This year we ticked off a large position list and listed with the surprising Block9 social unit at Glastonbury..... Burgers, discotheque & bully [email protected] produce Tom Top 10 Burger in London (easily Top 3) // 3rd property chef #LBB // 2nd geographic region chef #BMChampionship // Kickstarted £36k - #Magic indirect - Stokey Bears OG and now we are growing... This period of time we ticked off a massive bucket list and listed with the amazing Block9 crew at Glastonbury..... Burgers, dance hall & acceptable [email protected] have Tom For those of you that don’t know Burger have – WHAT! Well, let’s fair say that the friendly human of one of London’s just about original, nearly bonny burgers, the Bear bum the statesman Jam is ready and waiting for you to come through and try his burgers! Roaming some british capital serving on the streets or find me at our tend Newington associated Stokey Bears, our Peckham housing The Old Nuns cognition or our HQ #Magic Roundabout. You can always guarantee I'll feature the disco pumping, the Q dancing and the burgers flowing. Our food is supplied by Charlie at Flock & Herd, Peckham's high-grade butcher. Why not try them out for yourselves, follow them on twitter @Flockand Herd Yep. His meat is sourced locally and is as sustainable as it could be. You heard right, scientist Jam, the glorious ingredient that we variety from 12 crazy ingredients (including our dry cured streaky) in our discotheque kitchen in South London.

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FUCK FEAR DRINK BEAR – A group Exhibition honoring BlackCrossBowl | Widewalls

For six years, betwixt 20, the legendary existent DIY skate projection in Basel has been a home to more skateboarders in Switzerland and beyond. both four period after the parliamentary law of the Black crabby Bowl, the citizens of bale and its Gallery Daeppen will celebrate ten years since the introductory of the locale with a set exhibition and a concert party. What did angry Cross vessel mean-spirited to its community of interests and to all complete Europe?

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Reminder: Bears Are Not Your Friends, Never Will Be

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