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UK Medix companionship has conducted a survey, the results of which upset stunning. It has been open up out that many women stopped removing hair from their close part because nowadays men prefer partners with body hair. If this is true, point in time companies making million on hair's-breadth removal products, as well as looker salons, will shortly undergo major losses.

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Instagram Hates Your Pubes - |

Remember that garb portraying the menstruating channel that got a lot of buzz a couplet of weeks ago? Collins thinks she knows why: The image in question revealed her goateed bikini line. Well, the artist buttocks it, 20-year-old photographer Petra Collins, caused another stir on the cyberspace aft she denote a photo of herself from the waist down wearing bikini bottoms. Basically, there were pubes for days up in that photo, leading to cries of sicken and dismay. Why this photo, out of the thousands of remaining photos of bikinis, get relative quantity dissident attention and reports to grounds Instagram to bang down the ban hammer?

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Artist: Jorodo look for ID:jdon449High Res:2213x1845 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:beauty salon, beauty salons, brazilian, brazilians, salon, salons, wax, waxing, waxed, order, orders, ordering, ordered, bikini line, swimming costume lines, beauty procedure, woman routine, beauty routines, shave, shaves, shaving, shaver, shavers, female, females Artist: Reynolds, Dan Search ID:dre0087High Res:1321x1850 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:bikini wax, bikini waxes, wax, waxing, bees wax, bee's wax, honeycomb, honeycombs, wax strip, wax strips, bee, bees, body hair, hairy, bikini line, bikini lines, origin, origins Artist: Wilbur -Dawbarn-Search ID:wda1420High Res:1807x1663 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:cavewoman, cave woman, hair, hairy, body hair, wax, waxes, waxing, bathing suit line, bikini lines, brazilian, brazilian wax, haircloth removal, removing hair Artist: Baker, Ian Search ID:iba0329High Res:2180x1664 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:wax, waxing, brazillian, brazillians, brazillian wax, brazillian waxing, swimming costume line, bikini lines, two-piece wax, swimsuit waxing, bikini waxes, hair, hairs, os hair, pubic hairs, bin, bins, rubbish bin, garbage bins, trash, waste can, trash cans, bin man, bin men Artist: Herneman, Russel Search ID:rhen1High Res:1501x2000 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:bikini, bikinis, bikini line, two-piece lines, bikini wax, bikini waxes, waxing, wax, waxes, waxed, strong, bathroom, bathrooms, vain, vanity, vainness, beach, beaches, seaside, skeleton, skeletons, bone, bones, chemical, chemicals, peach regime, beauty regimes Artist: Chaffer, Graham Search ID:gca0147High Res:1648x2392 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:rapunzel, fairytale, fairytales, story, stories, hair, haires, wax, waxing, bone hair, bone hairs, two-piece line, tower, towers, prince, princes, princess, princesses Artist: Harris, T.

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