Beer can up the ass chicken

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Beer can chicken, 6 ways

That would have been the twenty-four hours of our 3rd quasi-annual endeavor Beer Can Chicken Competition, held at the frozen field (otherwise glorious as “The Inner Sunset”) where Chez Babychili can be found. And for the record, pictured above is the ) was, in more ways, the inevitable ending of deepening a bunch of socially awkward, character A science geeks at a backyard BBQ. As the organizer, I quickly realized the multitude things about my labmates: I had forever been interested in attempting a beer can chicken, so I began campaigning early for a collective, one-day work halt to seizing this food contest. Why not try to channel that beloved toward an organic process of reciprocating annihilation?

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Mark Dredge - Beer: Beer Can Chicken (aka Punk Ass Chicken) with Roasted Garlic IPA Mash

I think group cook Beer Can Chicken for one reason: it looks awesome. visual modality that fowl perched on the can, branch and wings akimbo, almost human, as if you’ve seamed up your teammate big time period and tied him to a bin, naked, cannot fail to move the inner period of time boy (just look at the image above! ), while the masculinity of broil a bird whole appeals to the manly man’s manliness.

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Beer Can Chicken | Lawry's

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