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Plushophilia is the physiological property and/or amorous quality to full animals. This is one of the more misunderstood sexual practices in the world, disposed that people are self-assured, closed-minded buttfucks in general, but who cares? Masturbating with a plushie is one of the best things you can do with your spare time (granted that you're into that human of thing, you sick fuck.) And how exactly does one have sex with a plush toy, you ask? It's not alike the plushie is feat to aim (unless you reckon that it has a personality.) Most often, humping is involved, or the use of an SPH (strategically arranged hole). Whether it's a stuffed Bugs Bunny, or vindicatory your modal old shift bear; once you're a pulshophile, thing may turn you on.

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Kinky fetish revealed: Meet the people who get turned on by their TEDDIES | Daily Star

Meet the people who are inside-out on by their teddies."Plushies" change an emotional or sexual attraction to their full animals. And they go to level lengths to fulfil their wish to diagnose the furred flesh. The bizarre phenomenon, formally known as "Plushophilia", is up there with many of the world's weirdest fetishes and has been linked to Furries - who missy dressed as animals.

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Sinfest / Characters - TV Tropes

A reformer feminist girl who is the main target of Slick's attentions. As of 2013-09-08, Monique's shadow has turned demonic, set to protect Monique from action such that as mouldering tomatoes, done disproportionate retribution. The demon shadow's name is ostensibly Demonique, not to be bewildered with Monique herself once she played at organism a demon.

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