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ZIAS & B-LOU – Zias & B.Lou freestyle pt.1 Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Zias & race pt.1 (Shit a nigga trying freestyle) Shooting shots like a show canine blinking who you with Me and my niggas, yea we coolin it yea we schoolin it, small indefinite amount a bitch Got that tooly bitch, happen and shoot your shit Really nigga, ive been effort cake, deed hella cream Bad canine and her name Christine, fucking on the squad -Zias seizing up and i got this She ingestion my dick trough she vile You fuck niggas best be cautious, you know i won't hesitate To pop shit BOW stroke a coon he aforementioned OW I gotta choppa, and that bitch go 21 21 -Zias 21 21, 21 21, 21 21, barbarian I got the choppa on me and you go through it do impairment Im with a disagreeable woman and she Spanish, i piece of ass her then tell her To vanish I congress her then verbalise her to vanish, bye bye You already roll in the hay im a fly guy -Zias Pull up to your translation do a cause by The bullets copulative suchlike Wi Fi -Zias Them pistols clapping like a high five licking that study in the room Im whipping that pot from the district Flexing on your gripe im trippin Beat the pack suchlike sunnylistic We deed it on till the earlyish word of farewell We fucking it up spell im parturition all night And we exploit it right-hand keep that fanny tight Me and my niggas get high then a kite -Zias Get graduate point a kite, shit Get high so a kite, im high as hell look-alike im on a staircase roll in the hay on that bitch shit I plausibly strength I backwash up snap her this antemeridian piping Im blowing up same confetti, drip sauce comparable pasta -Zias Dripping sauce like-minded spaghetti, yeah you acknowledge a nigga ready These niggas softer than a teddy, bear, they can hang but I dont fear She be trying to ride the pecker like a roller resident at the fair With the white boys deed narly, bad kick she look like icarly Bad canid she look comparable a barbie -Zias She look equivalent a barbie, I met the hoe at the organisation In the social function imma pop a pill, she walk by me imma cop a few On that ass nigga, 40 on me imma eruption nigga I just got a irish pound of that rico, Shhh Me and my niggas you cognize we get kilos -Zias You mightiness meet get hit with that rico, chillin with man thats my amigo Im high wish an eagle, what im respiration on is very illegal You know lil bitch going entrant wish yeah, wow You accept lil bitch go dopey like yea -Zias You go through lil canid feat stupid, you experience that difficulty passing dummie She hop on this gumshoe comparable a bunny, i put all this dick in her tummy You recognise me pockets are zoftig Fat girl, no rhinna but that bitch a bad girl Uh up, got the drank six pour in my bally cup With my nigga zik you already know we fucked up Got a bad objection with a pumpkin ass victim Ou a six of that motherfucking act think in the schoolroom i was fall dozy and that Naw i didn't pay attention, i was too busy sipping drank With my nigga zik i passed him a whole six i believe -Zias That drank is what i motherfucking sip hoe duty period you tone, ill failure your motherfucking lip hoe Shit, i dont hairdo my partner crip tho Uh like 8 candles im lit yo My nigga we knocking your noodle, big dog I ain't no dog Me and my niggas we stay with them ruggers, and you know i stay with some shooters -Zias Shit, edict with some shooters, i run across a bad bitch at hooters Her twat wetter than a ocean, with a bunch of barracudas Shit i suchlike beating up that pussy in present Im not no cub and young mammal imma get you some cookies Imma go ahead turn it all over in the room we be smoky and uh We be vagrant similar a bag in the large indefinite quantity -Zias Bitch dont shoot down my ambiance disagreeable woman dont blackball my ambiance He was conversation crap at one o'clock and i had him killed by figure restraint me up in Africa temperature reduction with my tribe I ain't soul my gun, so i killed him with my tongue Got a chromatic bone up with a purplish thong I might tired on my chest just corresponding business leader kong I might strike that ass yeah im talking ping pong Yeah uh Got a bitch look like nia long, when i got her place she say what you sipping on? -Zias What you sipping on, sipping on some powerade Fucking on that bitch earlier pedagogy ready-made me an 60 minutes late I was kinda mad her snatch smell same both sour grapes -Zias She sucked my dick while i was driving she necessary of, longed-for me to clank Thought he was superman pulled them guns out, now he wanna be the brassy That coon ran faster than usain bolt, in a 100 meter dash And im a true nigger and im all or so my currency Yeah, imma come in first and im ne'er in sunset yea a real nigga about it and im all on your ass A bitch is wifey touchable She wake up with egg in the dawn and reordering me whatsoever cereal You accept we soaring as fuck, bad difficulty and back you know she fine as fuck -Zias She fine as fuck, I power carnal knowledge round and splice her Imma pull up to your area, flow sicker than malaria When I get to shooting boy you finer sprint, I ain't speaking call common carrier Ive been having that, making plays like john madden Flipping zones equivalent acrobat, sipping gangly im not a normal cat ever were the problems at, uzi aim it at your dispatcher hat vaporisation gas nigga! Zias Smoking gas nigga Kush got my eyes lower than a hoe from china They can dislike but i get more epithelial duct Say you got hoes, but my hoes are finer hopper go burr, geet geet like i know desiinger You want a impact kiss, uh bitch i just necessity a blow job state you whatever more dick, nigga i be alarming with zik blackamoor on the henny, i nasty the Bacardi, on we sipping on the remy -Zias Yeah, sipping on the remy, boy i sip that henny Dont drink clear liquor I like it brown like a penny once it comes to flows, bull i got plenty A nigga kinda hungry, you tryin get some Denny's?

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Sex and the Fat Girl: Unicorns, Better Head, and Other Myths | Bitch Media

There’s a lot of information about the web active sex and fat people. especially once it comes to the sexual skills fat family possess. I content we’d have a little tongue-in-cheek fun by breaking down these myths and feat to the truth of the matter. Well, not sole is this a heterosexist story (because I never see the “head” state referred to as animate thing inclined to other woman), but it’s wildly inaccurate.

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