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Sometimes we may get accused of some partisan predetermine present or there, but once information happens in Orange County we at the Orange Juice diary try to present it to you — even if it favors the Evil Soulless Robot to be nominated this time unit by the Republican political party in godforsaken Florida. It is in that spirit that we note for the record that first picture show star Jenna Jameson of Huntington Beach, California, in the administrative division of Orange, has supported dry baseball mitt Romney of San Diego (or wherever) for President. Her reasoning: The LA Times story continues: All together now, you Occupy folks: “We told you so! ” Jameson’s “let them eat cake” moment came weekday in San Francisco piece she was “sipping sparkling wine in a VIP dwell at Gold Club in the city’s South of Market neighborhood,”according to CBS San Francisco.

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SIDE SALAD - Everything crunchy is good.: ADVENTURES IN TRAFFIC:

RAVEN - is a 21 one-member brunette from Seattle Washington. She is expecting her first child, although she is incertain of the identity of the father. She quit school in the 9th grade, self-assured of her rocker boyfriend's unfinished phonograph record deal.

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When The Undertaker tried to 'kidnap' porn star Jenna Jameson | The Siasat Daily

In her autobiography, ‘How to make sexual love equal a creation star’, she represented how she met the WWF star once she was a shy 16-year-old on the job in a tattoo parlour. She wrote, “Undertaker was one of the broad WWF wrestlers at the time. He would put people in coffins and set them on fire in the ring. “So I met him that time unit dancing, and we adorned out and became really good friends.” She farther discovered that he one time saved her from a knifelike fan disagreeable to buy her a drink, but presently the period took a black turn.

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Weekend Open Thread for Anything but Comments about Jenna Jameson's Romney Endorsement | Orange Juice Blog

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