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Africa President Ernest Bai Koroma praised Momoh's sacrificial offer, reported to localised news reports, and said the diamond was "a gift from God, and it design be a dire thing if anyone tries to do something criminal with it." It is believed to be the thirteenth largest uncut parcel of land e'er to be pulled from the ground, manufacture analysts stated. Presidential representative Abdulai Bayraytay said the new diamond was given to Bai Koroma on Wednesday. It reportedly is the second banging diamond of all time salary in chain Leone, reports The city Sun.

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Porn stars who've become preachers: Jenna Presley | Daily Mail Online

Crissy Outlaw, 41, was a eminent porn hotshot and entrepreneur who performed in across 50 adult movies during her six-year creation line of work but she left the purpose in 2006 to become a Christian reformist because she felt 'broken' by her smut career and failed romantic relationships At a fundraising effect in California, Crissy Outlaw stands at a dais human action a exciting billowing sinister mini with a go angiosperm cautiously lodged in her caliginous hair. The all-American 41-year-old ravisher begins her sermon simply with: ‘Hi, my name is Crissy and I used to be a smut star.’She opens with this comparable text to the other congregations she visits, narrating the chilling times she was misused time and minute again from the age of four, the failed relationships that left her 'wanting to be dead' and how she gave up her vocation as one of the biggest names in the pornography industry to become a productive christianly preacher.‘I can’t consider I ever went into the porn industry,’ Crissy told regular ‘And I ne'er craved to be a preacher but it happened because I felt called to let grouping see why I left-hand the industry.’Crissy grew up in Jacksonville, fl in a lower-class, cautious and chaotic home. Her parents were divorced and she in the main lived with her father, who was adamant about sexual purity and oft launched into diatribes close to her maintaining her status until she got married. I idea it mustiness be something close to me that's making it happen.

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Pastor Finds $62 Million 'Gift From God' Diamond, Gives It Away

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